“Al Toering, N6TEZ, ready to climb the tower to repair the link antenna”

“Version A of the Toro Peak Rescue Squad”

“Version B of the Toro Peak Rescue Squad”

“Stormy Dayton, KF6BM”

“Jerry Short, N6CRI”

“Al Toering, N6TEZ, After the tower climb”

“Les Allen, KM6SQ”

“Carl Alford, WB6RUF”

“Duane Ehrlich, AD5E”

“Our ride to Toro Peak begins”

Helicopter pilot Steve DeJesus ready to “rock and roll”

Bell Jet Ranger 3 Controls

Carl Alford, WB6RUF, ready to rock

Duane Ehrlich, AD5E, ready to roll

“FRUSTRATION POINT” Recent rains have devastated this critical turn near the top of TORO PEAK

The reason we couldn’t make it to the top of TORO PEAK.

Stormy returns with good news. Repeater is back on the air

Carl waits for Stormy to return

Deciding to walk the rest of the way to the top

Owners meeting 2001, a group of photos.

CONDOR AIR, the newest addition to the Condor Connection.

Headed by Admirals John Connell (Silent Key)(on the right) and Pat Connell.

Admirals John and Pat returning from test flight in 99Z.

Former owner’s of the Mt. Hamilton Repeater,Dee, WB6QYB, and George Colacicco, K6GZK, have relocated to Palm Desert, California.

A staunch supporter of The Condor Connection is Jerry Short of Palm Desert, California.

Attendees of the April ’00, Owners & Control Ops Meeting.

Attendees of the July ’98 Owners & Control Ops Owner’s Meeting.

And then came 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Les Allen, KM6SQ, the Voice of Condor on the Monday evening User’s Net.

Les is having some “push the pickle” problems after Monday’s net.

George Colacicco, K6GZK, former owner of the Mt. Hamilton Repeater.

John Connell, KJ6J, owner of the Santiago Peak repeater.

Bruce Abbott, KE6DAH, control operator for Santiago Peak repeater.

Mark Gilmore, WB6RHQ, owner of Frazier Mtn., Rasnow Peak, and Shirley Peak repeaters.

Duane Ehrlich, AD5E, control operator for Santiago, and Quartzite Peaks repeaters.

Three guys, Carl, Mark, and Carl, glad the meeting is over.

When Les says “Get out your chisels for notes,” here is what he means by chisel & rock.

Talking about crowded mountain tops, check out Santiago Peak from Tom Warner’s N17TW helicopter.

Duane was busy taking a picture and “Woody Bison” caught him doing it.

The other side of the conversation, after John, KJ6J, helped a new handheld owner get his feet wet on Condor.

Carl’s famous words climbing up the last 75 feet of the trip up to Hayden Peak.

If you’ve been wondering who Woody is, wonder no more. Woody generates the little cartoons found on the Condor Connection Web page. Our opening
page animated Condor, superimposed on the outlined map of our operating area is one of Woody’s works.

Good advice for local users of the 15 repeater Condor Connection.

A ‘Thank you Condor’ from an unusual sourse. Wow, we sure get some weird mail.

Sometimes Les’s backup could be a big surprise.

Don Carlson, KQ6FM,(Silent Key) relieves Les as Net Control when Les needs a night off.